Aurora operating system: difference from Android and iOS, smartphones on Aurora.

Aurora is a Russian operating system developed by Rostelecom.

The previous OS name, Sailfish, was not patriotic or memorable enough. “Aurora”, in turn, is easy to pronounce (burrers will not agree with this), has a compact form and a taste of Russian grandeur.

What is the Avrora operating system

Aurora is an OS for mobile devices based on Linux. The system code is open with some exceptions (interface elements, embedded applications).

Sailfish OS was developed by a Finnish company in 2012-2013. (partially composed of former Nokia employees) In 2016 Open Mobile Platform LLC became their partner. And in 2018, Rostelecom bought out a 75% stake in the Sailfish developer. From that moment on, Sailfish became the Russian operating system.

The goals of the creators of Aurora are quite realistic. They do not claim to compete with Android and iOS. Rostelecom’s task is to create a modern corporate smartphone with Russian software.

It can be assumed that state employees will be forced to become the first owners of Russian smartphones (as was the case with Mir cards). By the way, officials will have their own version of the Aurora phone with enhanced data protection.

Functions and interface of Aurora OS

According to the developers, the new OS supports all modern features popular on smartphones.

All active applications are arranged on the home screen in the form of a deck of cards.

Changed approach to application management. They are managed (deleted, edited and configured) by swiping (swiping your finger across the screen) from top to bottom.

The notification panel, in turn, has been moved to the right. To access it, you need to swipe from left to right.

The menu (list of all installed applications) has been moved to the bottom of the work surface. To display the list of applications, you need to swipe up from the bottom.

The difference between Aurora and Android and iOS

The strength of Aurora is  the increased protection of personal data: corporate mail, instant messengers, the Internet.

Another advantage of Aurora is the convenience of managing running applications. Navigation between them takes place directly on the desktop. Plus, you don’t need to open every window to view up-to-date information – you’ll see all the latest data in thumbnails.

OS developers promise more economical power consumption compared to iOS, Android, Windows.

Users themselves can choose the method of backup data storage and one of the popular cloud services.

An undeniable advantage is the ability to permanently remove all unnecessary pre-installed applications. When updating the system, they will not be restored.

Applications for Aurora

The system should support many applications written for Android.

Over the past couple of years, there has been an active creation of applications for the Avrora OS that will be of interest to government agencies.

For example, half a year ago, the first application for the work of Areopad collegial bodies was released. We are working together with the Russian Post to create an application for receiving payments at home.

Smartphones released on Sailfish (Aurora)

In addition to 2 Jolla models released in 2013 and 2014, the operating system was installed on some foreign phone models:

Inoi R7Sony Xperia XSony Xperia XA2Intex Aqua Fishmi-FoneErmak OMPERmak 50Jala Accione

We should expect the release of a new Russian smartphone based on the Aurora platform soon.

It can be a smartphone and tablet Inoi (Inoi), which are already actively purchased by budget organizations (for example, the Russian Post purchased at least 15,000 copies).

An additional argument in favor of this version is the purchase of Inoi T8 tablets by Rostelecom.

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