Computer Repair

Computer repair in Tallinn.
From diagnostics and prevention to complete restoration of the device.

Computer repair is a service that only qualified specialists can provide.

Every computer repair or laptop repair starts with diagnostics. If you agree to repair a computer, diagnostics are free.

12 Months Warranty

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Extra Fast Repair

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Computer diagnostics consists of the following steps:

Equipment diagnostics

The purpose of this step is to identify damaged computer parts or overheating - the causes of the system malfunction. A worn-out hard drive very often interferes with comfortable work at the computer.

Software diagnostics

The stability of the system is assessed. The operating system of the computer is thoroughly investigated along with the analysis of the causes of software failure.

Primary diagnostics

This type of computer performance assessment is performed at the customer's home. The initial diagnosis may be incomplete because professional equipment such as a workshop cannot be used.

Complete diagnostics

The maintenance engineer will give an opinion on the results of each type of diagnosis. The customer decides whether to continue with the computer or not.

As soon as a problem is found, the specialist proposes a solution and informs the client. The cost of computer repair and working conditions will be discussed additionally, and work will begin by mutual agreement.

Preventive cleaning procedures for computers:

Why do customers choose our service?

Original components for computers

We are using original computer components and elements.

Warranty 12 months

The warranty period for repairs is 12 months.

Price transparency

All prices are agreed with the customer before the start of work.

Departure to your home or office

Departure of a specialist to the office or home in 30 minutes.

Services and their Prices

Diagnostics from 10 € 
Cleaning the cooling system and changing the thermal paste from 20 € 
System Restore from 15 € 
Reinstalling WindowsWindows from 30 € 
Internet connection setup from 20 € 
System cleaning from harmful programs from 10 € 
Installation of programs from 20 € 
Setting up the registry from 20 € 
Installing antivirus software from 10 € 
Exchange of old parts for new ones (part replacement) from 10 € 
Motherboard installation from 20 € 
Processor installation from 20 € 
Video card installation from 5 € 
Hard disk or SSD installation from 5 € 
Cooling system installation from 10 € 
Installation of liquid cooling system from 20 € 
Installation or replacement of the power supply unit from 20 € 
RAM module installation from 5 € 
BIOS setup from 10 € 
Flashing with a bios programmer from 50 € 
Motherboard repair from 100 € 
Сable management from 10 € 
Computer disassembly from 20 € 
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