Game Console Service

Game Console repair in Tallinn.
From diagnostics and prevention to complete restoration of the device.

Premium Game Console Service in Tallinn

Why Game Console Service is Important:

Finding Out About Our Game Console Services


Introducing our PlayStation 4 Thermal Paste Replacement:

The Value of Preventative Cleaning

Our PS4 cleaning procedure is as follows:

Why opt for our video game console service?

Services and their Prices

Game console diagnostics 0 € 
Console Firmware from 20 € 
Preventive dust cleaning from 20 € 
Replacing thermal paste from 10 € 
Replacement of thermal interfaces (thermal pad) from 10 € 
HDD Replacement from 70 € 
HDMI connector replacement from 45 € 
Blu-ray Replacement from 20 € 
Replacing the Wi-Fi Module from 20 € 
Replacing the audio output from 20 € 
Cooler replacement from 20 € 
Replacing the cooling system radiator from 20 € 
Replacing the power supply from 80 € 
Processor replacement from 120 € 
Video chip replacement from 120 € 
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