I invested $20 in crypto and became a trillionaire overnight. But Christopher Williamson can’t get the money out.

Christopher Williamson became a trillionaire overnight. But he cannot withdraw his money from the application.

Newly Rich claims that by investing twenty US dollars in a cryptocurrency called Rocket Bunny overnight, he turned into a trillionaire and that his twenty greens gained about 65 billion times fat. Christopher immediately pounced on his computer to extract the wealth that had fallen on him, but the Coinbase application he uses to trade crypto generated an insidious error.

I know I will never get $1 trillion, but I hope something comes out of it, ” Christopher Williamson burst out and invited Coinbase employees to a luxurious penguin-shaped yacht, which he plans to buy if he gets his own. “honestly earned” money.

And by Monday, the amount of money in his account had grown to 168 trillion American presidents. As a result, Coinbase admitted that Williamson’s trillions do not reflect the real amount of crypto he owns. The company said that its “trillionaire status” was actually caused by a “display failure” and that Coinbase employees in California are scratching their heads to resolve the issue.

The Coinbase Press Service told Newsweek that Williamson was banned from withdrawing his funds because their amount was not true.

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