Installing Operating Systems

Installing Windows, Linux, MacOs, and programs. OS setup and optimization.

Installing Operating System is a service that only qualified specialists can provide.

Having discovered a problem, the specialist chooses how to solve it, then coordinates all the nuances with the client and, with mutual consent, starts work.

12 Months Warranty

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Extra Fast Repair

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Desktop / Laptop diagnostics consists of the following steps:

Laptop Diagnostics

The purpose of this stage is to identify damaged laptop components or overheating - the causes of system failure. A worn out hard drive often interferes with the comfortable use of a laptop.

Primary diagnostics

This type of laptop performance assessment is performed at the customer's home. The initial diagnosis cannot be definitive because professional equipment such as in a workshop cannot be used.

Software diagnostics

The stability of the system is estimated. The operating system of the laptop is carefully examined, as well as an analysis of the causes of software failures.

Complete diagnostics

The service engineer gives an opinion on the results of each stage of diagnostics and the customer decides whether it is economically feasible to repair the laptop.

Cleaning procedures for computer and laptop software

Services and their Prices

System Diagnostics from 10 € 
Reinstall or clean install of Windows (with setup and drivers) from 30 € 
Installing Linux from 20 € 
Mac OS installation from 45 € 
System Restore from 15 € 
Driver installation from 5 € 
Internet connection setup from 20 € 
Cleaning the system from malware from 10 € 
Software installation from 20 € 
Setting the operating system registry from 20 € 
Installing an antivirus from 10 € 
Changing the language of the operating system from 10 € 
Bios update from 20 € 
Retaining data when reinstalling Windows (over 50 GiG) from 10 € 
Cloning the operating system with data from 35 € 
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