Monoblock Repair

Monoblocks repair in Tallinn. From diagnostics and prevention to complete restoration of the device.

Monoblocks repair is a service that only qualified specialists can provide.

As soon as the problem is discovered, the specialist will offer a solution and inform the client. All repair conditions and cost will be discussed additionally and work will begin by mutual agreement.

Lifetime Warranty

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Extra Fast Repair

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Is the monoblock out of order or malfunctioning?
Monoblock diagnostics can be divided into several stages:

Monoblock Diagnostics

At this stage, damaged components of the device are detected, the presence of overheating and failure of the operating system is determined. The hard drive is subject to wear and tear, resulting in system failure and data loss.

Software diagnostics

The health of the OS is determined. The software of the device is checked and the search and analysis of the causes of software failures is also carried out.

Primary diagnostics

All-in-one performance testing can be done at the customer's home or office. The initial diagnosis cannot be final, as there is no possibility to use the diagnostic equipment in full. A more accurate check of the equipment in the workshop is required.

Full diagnostics

Based on the results of all stages of diagnostics, the master provides a conclusion to the customer and a decision is made on the advisability of further repair work and their cost.

Monoblocks prevention:

Why do customers choose our service?

Original components for computers

We are using original computer components and elements.

Warranty 12 months

The warranty period for repairs is 12 months.

Price transparency

All prices are agreed with the customer before the start of work.

Departure to your home or office

Departure of a specialist to the office or home in 30 minutes.

Services and their Prices

Monoblock diagnostics from 10 € 
Disassembling of monoblock  from 20 € 
Cooling system cleaning and thermal paste replacement  from 30 € 
System recovery from 15 € 
Reinstall Windows from 20 € 
Internet connection setup  from 20 € 
Cleaning the system from malware from 10 € 
Software installation from 20 € 
Registry setup from 20 € 
Antivirus installation from 10 € 
Replacement of old components with new ones from 20 € 
Monoblock motherboard replacement from 50 € 
Hard drive or SSD replacement from 20 € 
Monoblock cooling system replacement from 30 € 
Installing a RAM module from 20 € 
BIOS update from 20 € 
Firmware with Bios programmer from 50 € 
Resoldering a processor or video chip (Reball) from 100 € 
Replacement of the wi-fi module from 20 € 
Monoblock power connector repair from 30 € 
Monoblock power connector repair from 20 € 
Monoblock hdmi connector replacement from 20 € 
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