Nvidia begins production of Ampere Phase 2 graphics cards (GeForce RTX 30 Super).

Ampere Phase 2 and GeForce RTX 30 Super will be for both laptops and desktops According to the source, Nvidia is ready to launch new video cards – GeForce RTX 30 Super or Ampere Phase 2. The current line of the first phase has been formed, its latest innovations are GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. There will be no more models within the first phase. Models of the second phase will be presented under the designation Super. At first it was said that such GPUs were planned only for laptops, but according to new data, the GeForce RTX 30 Super for PC will also be released.

The technical process will not change – Ampere of the second phase will still be 8-nanometer and manufactured by Samsung. But architecture optimization is expected, a wider memory bus. And the memory itself will also increase.

One of the first Ampere Phase 2 graphics processors will be GA103, and in two versions: a full-fledged GA103 with a 320-bit bus and GA103S with a 256-bit bus.

News of the release of Ampere Phase 2 for both laptops and PCs sheds some light on the delay in the release of the new generation of Ada Lovelace GPUs, which are rumored to be released either at the very end of next year or in the first quarter of 2023 . With Ampere Phase 1, it would be difficult for Nvidia to hold out for another year and a half with the current architecture, but the release of video cards of the second phase will painlessly extend the life of Ampere. And most importantly: Ampere Phase 2, according to the source, will be put into production in the current quarter. That is, they will go on sale this fall.

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