Nvidia said that in 2022, a shortage in the graphics card market is inevitable.

The CEO of Nvidia shared his unfavorable forecast for 2022. Next year, the cost of video cards will be much higher than recommended.

Jensen Huang, not for the first time predicts unfavorable forecasts for us, he predicted similar horror stories for us this year as well. As of August 2021, he predicted that RTX 30XX series graphics cards would not be found at the recommended price and that prices would be significantly inflated, which we now know to be true.

There are several reasons for this disgrace. Shortage of chips, which directly affects the process of video chip production. Manufacturers simply can not cope with the huge demand for their products. And of course, cryptocurrency mining. These enthusiasts, in pursuit of crypto mining, are buying up video cards in batches, thereby creating their shortage in the market.

Nvidia has made an attempt to solve the problem with mining by releasing graphics cards that block their performance when they detect that they are trying to mine crypto with them. Miners partially managed to get around the same limitation of cryptocurrency mining.

I would especially like to single out unscrupulous resellers who wedged between the manufacturer and sellers. It’s no secret that there are companies that artificially create a shortage in the market in order to enrich themselves. We can only hope that manufacturers will begin to deal with this phenomenon. And at this rate, players may soon face a choice – buy a new video card or change the car.

Next year, Nvidia plans to launch a new generation of its Ada Lovelace GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards. These graphics cards can be manufactured at factories such as TSMC or Samsung. New items from AMD and Intel are also expected.

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