Tablet Repair

Tablet repair in Tallinn.
From screen and battery replacement, to complex repairs.

Tablet repair is a service that only qualified specialists can provide.

After inspecting the device, the specialist will announce to the client the cost and terms of repair. Work will begin by mutual agreement.

12 Months Warranty

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Extra Fast Repair

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Tablet won't charge, won't turn on, screen is broken?

Common malfunctions and breakdowns of tablets:

Failure of the screen or its sensor

Occurs as a result of careless use or carelessness. You should visit the workshop.

Sound failure

There are several reasons. Settings failure, speaker malfunction, broken headphone jack or sound device failure If the owner is able to cope with the first problem on his own, then in all others you will have to contact the service

Damage to the back panel

Inaccurate handling of the device. Minor defects may be hidden under the cover. Serious damage requires professional repair.

Liquid ingress

It is necessary to immediately contact the specialists for disassembly and high-quality drying of the tablet.

Why do customers choose our service?

Original components for computers

We are using original computer components and elements.

Warranty 12 months

The warranty period for repairs is 12 months.

Price transparency

All prices are agreed with the customer before the start of work.

Departure to your home or office

Departure of a specialist to the office or home in 30 minutes.

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