The Chinese gaming platform Tencent has launched a system to recognize the age of the player’s face.

Chinese gaming platform Tencent has launched an age-recognition system based on the player’s face to limit the time spent by minors playing computer games.

Already today, Chinese children are forced to undergo a face scan to gain access to the Tencent gaming platform.

Tencent Games informed the site that during the winter holidays, and this is from January 17 to February 15, Chinese children will be able to enjoy computer toys for no more than an hour a day. Also, children will not be able to have access to games every day, for these purposes the company has allocated 14 days for these purposes, which the company has noted on its website in a special game calendar.

To determine the age and track the time, the IT giant launched a system for scanning the faces of players. This procedure is required during authorization on the gaming platform itself, as well as during any transactions in games.

The company reported that cases of attempts to deceive the system, thirsty for games by children, have become more frequent. The kids enthusiastically rushed to fake the age of their accounts. For this reason, all users over the age of 55 who suddenly start playing popular games will be required to go through this procedure as well.

The company also announced that the faces of those who like to play at night will be carefully checked. The technical side, as well as the functions of the system, were not disclosed.

The Chinese government in August 2021 introduced a strict restriction on the time spent by minors on computer entertainment. Now Chinese minors will be able to play games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for no more than an hour a day. An extra hour is added on holidays. Since the fall of last year, a black market for the resale of game accounts to children has unfolded in China. Chinese children immediately rushed to buy game accounts with a fake age.

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