These 9 Android Apps Steal User Data: List Published.

The topic of hacking user data is always relevant, especially when users use the same password for all their accounts. So after hacking one account, there is a high risk of leakage of all user data.

Network security experts have published a list of nine Android apps containing malicious code that allows hackers to get their hands on Facebook account passwords. Interestingly, these applications do not arouse suspicion. They offer basic photo editing, horoscope and other functions. However, the creators of these apps steal Facebook passwords. Google was informed about this, after which these applications were removed from Google Play.

However, if you have ever downloaded one of the apps listed below, it is recommended that you change your Facebook password immediately. In addition, you must change the password for all other accounts that you have used the same password to access.

  1. PIP Photo: over 5.8 million downloads; 2. Processing Photo: over 500,000 downloads; 3. Rubbish Cleaner: over 100,000 downloads; 4. Inwell Fitness: over 100,000 downloads; 5. Horoscope Daily: over 100,000 downloads; 6. App Lock Keep: over 50,000 downloads; 7. Lockit Master: over 5000 downloads; 8. Horoscope Pi: 1000 downloads; 9. App Lock Manager: 10 downloads.

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