What to do? How to be? Are they spying on me?! I’ll go and glue the laptop’s camera!

If someone decides to find out something about you, then the current level of technological development will allow him to do this, even if you tape all the cameras in your house. This opinion was expressed by the expert of the Gem4me messenger Svetlana Karacharova.

However, why do you need this if you are an ordinary person and are not the owner of unique or secret information, Svetlana argues. “If you work with documents of such a degree of secrecy that you can really be watched, then you have probably already been given a special course on information security and you know perfectly well who and how can monitor you, and you have already been given a laptop only his own security service can do it – and she really is constantly watching you, ”explained Svetlana Karacharova in an interview for the agency “Prime” .

The expert noted that nowadays, when not only computers, phones, various gadgets, but also entire houses are connected to the Internet, “even a coffee maker can watch us: record voice, catch the moment the door closes.” The expert said that criminals usually steal much more information simply by entering our trust. And in order to be safe, it is best not to leave your passport data on dubious Internet resources, carefully use your bank cards and not post your “dubious” videos and photos online.

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