WhatsApp messages that self-destruct after the first view can already be tried

WhatsApp messages that self-destruct after the first viewing can be tested in beta version on iPhone

Now the feature has appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS under the number We remind you that such messages with a photo or video are automatically deleted immediately after viewing by the recipient. In stable versions of WhatsApp, the disappearing messages feature is already in place. However, it works differently – messages in chats are automatically deleted seven days after they were sent. The new View Once mode results in instant deletion of photos and videos after viewing. The sender will receive a review notification.

However, while no one forbids taking screenshots of such messages, and the sender will not even know about it. However, the recipient cannot block the sender’s read receipt.

The exact timing of the launch of self-destructing messages in stable versions of WhatsApp is not yet known.

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