Windows 11 is going to be updated like Windows 10

We plan to release security updates for Windows 10 and Windows 11 every second Tuesday of every month.

According to the source, Microsoft has confirmed the fact that the service model of the new operating system will not differ much from the current one. Which means that Windows 11 will be updated in the same way they do with Windows 10.

Security updates will be released on the second Tuesday of every month – Patch Tuesday . These updates will be downloaded and installed automatically. Also, for the new operating system, the so-called updates “C” and “D” will be released , usually released on the third or fourth week of each month. These updates will be installed on a per-user basis, and critical fixes from updates “C” and “D” will be included in the next “Tuesday Update” . Finally, for Windows 11, extraordinary “fixes” for critical bugs will also be released in the event that”updates on Tuesdays” .

The company also confirmed the release of a special version of Windows 11 – LTSC with five years of support. But we will have to wait until 2024.

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