Windows7 and Windows8 in March next year will be left without OneDrive updates and without synchronization.

Microsoft representatives officially announced that from the beginning of March next year, the corporation will stop updating OneDrive for Windows7 and Windows8 operating systems.

Representatives of the corporation also explained that since the beginning of March user content will remain available for download from the Cloud regardless of the OS version, but on older operating systems the function of automatically uploading files to cloud servers will not be available and synchronization of new content will also be disabled. But owners of computers with older versions of Windows will be able to manually authorize their content through the OneDrive app.

The reason for refusing to update this application in Windows7 and Windows8 is the transfer and concentration of corporate resources on the latest technologies and modern operating systems. Thus, Microsoft plans to provide its customers with the most advanced and secure solutions.

Extended support for Windows 7 ended early last year. Some users continue to use this operating system, but the developers do not guarantee their safety. For such customers, Microsoft strongly recommends purchasing new devices with Windows 10 or Windows 11 installed on board.

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